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12 Apr Welcome To Our New Website!


Hi and welcome to our lovely new site, please take a look around!

Thanks to Gareth Harding from ClearWeb Design for such a great job and for encouraging me to get this news page going.


What’s Been Happening…



What’d happened this spring ? The FFF boys went on the annual ski mountaineering trip. this time to the amazing wilderness that is the Bernese Overland. Perfect high altitude training including a heroic ascent of the Weisnollen (3590m) and a great ski down through the crevasses of the Grunegfirn Glacier.

After this a bit of a chilly start at the Bishop Auckland Food festival was no problem and we had lots of fun with Liver cottage over a busy weekend. Special thanks to the Library staff for providing not only a dressing room but for allowing the Liver Cottage mobile kitchen to overnight in the “modern fiction section” alongside Will Self and Jeffrey Archer –  Throw in the liver cottage yoghourt and you have culture for everyone!