Fairly Famous Family | Glastonbury Shows
Hi everyone and welcome to our mid-summer round up of whats happening in Fairly famous family world. Just back from another wonderful weekend, performing at Glastonbury!
Street Theatre at Glastonbury | Shows at Glastonbury
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04 Jul Back from Glastonbury

Hi everyone and welcome to our mid summer round up of whats happening in Fairly famous family world. First of all we have been busy with spring Food festivals in Winchester, Glasgow  and Kirkby Lonsdale , and some maritime themed performances at the fabulous Tall Ships event in Greenwhich, so clocking up the miles and Costa/Gregs reward points already!!

We have just unpacked from Glastonbury, which was wonderfull as always…see if you can spot the difference between the 2016/17 photos !!

Big news is we have a new football walkabout  …premiering at the Stockton International Riverside festival……“Football crazy”

If you are having a sport, football or sheepskin jacket themed event this summer you should definitely give us a call.

Thanks to all of you who have booked us already this year from Belfast to Barking (via the Isle of Mann) , thank you its been such a fun summer and its only half way through.

Let’s get it pencilled in for 2017 season

We still have availability in July and Aug so if you need an injection of fun give us a call.

To book us or for more information, drop an email to jem@fairlyfamousfamily.com or call 07828 208 259. You can also contact our lovely agents and ‘sole keepers of the FFF diary’Fools Paradise on 01392 454160.

Hopefully see you soon, Jem and the Family xxx